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Expose, Expand, Elevate!

Our mission is designed to impact the lives of our at-risk and underrepresented youth community. We will uncover the scope for infinite growth by providing developmental programs that assemble invaluable exposure!


Information + Exposure

Fund-The-Mental is a week series catered to providing valuable information, paired with the exposure to develop the minds of our youth in the areas of self-discovery, leadership, financial literacy & entrepreneurship.


Movement Therapy

Your physical health plays a significant role in your cognitive abilities. Health is Wealth provides nutritional resources, creative physical activities, and educational guidance on the importance of properly nourishing and caring for your body as a whole.


(Purpose, Intention, Vision, Optimism, Transformation)
Exposure Meets Opportunity

To pivot is to shift and realize the opportunity that may stand before you. In this program we will assist our youth in unpacking their full potential! Guiding them with career resources and visionary opportunities that align with their personal strengths and interests in life! 

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